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Costumes Make You To Be Anyone You Want!

Under heavy pressure of work and life, sometimes we adults have almost forgotten the real meaning of life, for me, that is freedom and happiness. Most of us are just normal people, but we dream to be someone special, never the one who always feels tired and boring. I used to be a princess after […]

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Binding, the magic to perfect social dresses!

In the five new trends of our newly designed homecoming dresses, the most useful one is the binding. I didn’t even notice this detail and realize it was so practical at the beginning. Then I find it is really magic. At first, we need to distinguish between binding and piping. Binding is usually wrapping a […]

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Beading | Special Signs in Dresses

The beading maybe is a small detail on clothes, but it can make the clothes unique and beautiful. With beading’s decoration, even a very normal dress can be very noble and special. There are thousands styles and shapes of beading applied in clothes, one of the reasons is that there is also hundreds of materials […]

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New Fashion Trends in Milanoo Homecoming Dresses|Five Factors To Note

The new season of homecoming is near the way. How to choose a perfect homecoming dresses is always a big problem for most girls. You don’t want to wear something normal and old, and sit in a corner when everybody is dancing. To make you to be the most unique and beautiful in the party, […]

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How To Dress As A True Lolita?

We know that you have quantity of choices when you are going to wear a lolita suit, because there are many different lolita styles. However, if you want to be more professional in this field and wear more correctly, you need to remember some basic rules when matching a lolita suit. First, the whole suit […]

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Big Fight! Homecoming Dresses VS. Prom Dresses

If today we will take homecoming dresses as topic, would you think it’s too early to talk about? The answer is absolutely NO. If you want to keep a perfect memory and leave no regrets in the homecoming, you should really plan it in advance. I bet you don’t want to step into a crowd […]

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