Day: November 2, 2016

Awesome Blue Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, many brides still adhere to the ancient European wedding tradition of adding four objects to their wedding outfits of Something Old, Something New,Something Borrow and Something Blue. As a symbol of pure love and tolerance, stuff in blue is indispensable for wedding. Before the prevail of white wedding dress in 19th century, European brides wore […]

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PPAP–Catsuits & Zentai SHOW

In this big world, every day there are various new things happen. Recently, you may listen to a funny song – PPAP. If not, here Kerry will introduce this magical song to you. PPAP is the short of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. It is created by a Japanese singer namedピコ太郎. This song is about pen, apple, and pineapple. […]

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Milanoo BOUTIQUE——Say goodbye to shipping cost and duties

Good news! Purchase items from Milanoo’s new overseas warehouse for free shipping and duty free. Many customers for overseas shopping have the experience of having no choice but to give up an item of high duty, even higher than item’s price. Milanoo regret this situation and begin to seek solutions in the line with the […]

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