Blazer|2018 Spring Woman Fashion Trend

Blazer is one thing that never will be out of style. We have introduced that jackets are must-have items for the 2018 spring. But, except jackets, you should not miss and forget to pick up one blazer right for you.

2018 Spring Woman Fashion Trend Blazer
2018 Spring Woman Fashion Trend Blazer

They can be put on both in formal and casual situations. With a blazer, you can create various and pretty fashion looks for different occasions. This blog is going to introduce you some faddish looks about blazers.


#1 Working Look

formal blazer looks

It is usually bothering that what women should wear for working. We all know that we should wear formal rather than sexy in office. We want to be admitted and praised by our working ability. A formal suit is not the only choice. A blazer can also help to look professional and efficient on your work from outside look. A simple T-shirt, a pair of suit pants and high heels are all you need when wearing a blazer for a formal look.


#2 Vintage Look

blazer vintage looks

If you are fond of vintage things, blazer can also mix and match with them. The easiest way for a vintage look is wearing a retro dress and putting on a simple blazer. Besides, you can also add some decorations like sunglasses, beret, and so on. There are also many vintage blazers you can choose. The most popular one is in Houndstooth style.


#3 Casual Look

blazer casual looks

What we most care about is how we create our daily looks. Blazers are very friendly to all fashion items. T-shirts, jeans, especially ripped jeans and dresses are all easily matched with it in a good way. In addition, except with the classic colors white, black and grey, you can pick up blazer in bright colors, which are also easily to match with.

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