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When I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio would play as the eponymous Jay Gatsby in the moive The Great Gastby, I thought all my attention will focus on his handsome face and charming action. However, when I actually saw this movie it turned out that I was totally shocked by its splendid sets and gorgeous costumes.

Girls, if you still have no idea what to wear in Halloween, you may get some inspiration and ideas from The Great Gastby, which has won the Best Costume Design at the 86th Academy Awards.

The dresses worn by Daisy are commonly called flapper dresses. Flappers, according to Wikipedia, were a generation of young Western women in 1920s who were wearing excessive makeup, drinking, smoking, driving automobiles and treating sex in a casual manner. They were regarded as the first feminists fighting for equal social and political rights as men since the World War I.

Before we talk about the flapper dresses, let’s recall the traditional attire women worn before the age of The Roaring Twenties. Skirts were floor-length long to cover legs completely, waists were cinched by wearing corsets, high necks and close-fitting sleeves were common designs. Hobble skirts were a short-lived fashion trend around the 1880s to the 1920s, which were figured with a narrow hem to impede the wearer’s strides. All women had long hair and behaved restrainedly and manneredly.

However, flappers broke the old rules and created their fashionable style to define themselves. Cutting down long hair, flappers made bobbed hair hit the world and popular until now. Various headbands replaced traditional hats decorating on their new hair style. Lace, silk, feather and beads were applied to beautify these headbands.










Skirts were shortened up to the knees and flared, which freed women to walk and dance crazily. Abandoned annoying corset, the design of waist part of skirts became straight. Sleeveless dresses with V-neck redefined the word of beauty. Flappers in beading fringed dresses were dancing around confidently, and they enjoyed the equal rights as men to do whatever they like and go wherever they want.










Flapper dresses can be considered as a liberation activity in woman fashion. What’s more, they are also witnessing women’s fight for equality and freedom. So choosing a flapper dress as your Halloween costume is not only for beauty but also to memorize and celebrate the victory of women liberation.

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