6 skills about the skin care you should know in winter!

Time flies, and the winter is coming up again. What is your most troublesome problem in autumn and winter?

Skin allergies? Xerosis cutis ? Static electricity? ……

Today, let me tell you some of the little tricks in life about skin care, so that you can reduce some troubles in autumn and winter.

  1. For xerosis cutis. Change skin care products into hydrating and moisturizing effects, which is more suitable for winter. You can use some skin care oils to replenish water without oil. The skin can be moisturized and not dried.
  2. Diligently make a moisturizing mask. Moisturizing skin care products are not effective enough to increase the moisturizing mask for intensive care, leaving the skin hydrated.
  3. Reduce the frequency of exfoliation and blackhead removal. There would be less oil or blackheado to the skin generally in autumn and winter than summer, you can determine the frequency of exfoliation and blackhead according to skin condition.
  4. Seasonal skin allergies. Do not do too much for the skin, use a simple skin care products, preferably cosmeceutical. Do simple hydration, try not to make up, don’t exfoliate. Go to a doctor if the condition is too bad.
  5. Moisturizing eye cream with eyes. Eyes will be dry in Autumn and winter, remember to use moisturizing eye cream, it is not easy to wrinkle, don’t ignore it, even you are a young girl.
  6. Facial Steamer to moisturizing. It can be used with a facial moisturizing spray, which is small and convenient. Keep your face moist and relieve the discomfort caused by dry air.
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