7 wedding trends for 2019

Wedding dress is definitely one of the most important aspects of the bride. Before you choose, you may wish to refer to the 2019 wedding trend, or bring you inspiration. Let me share with you the 7 2019 wedding trends today. Let’s be a bride who follows the trend!

Trend 1: Satin simple cut

The most eye-catching wedding in 2018 is the royal wedding of Megan. The satin wedding dress has once again become a popular choice for the wedding of Megan. The shiny and smooth surface, combined with the simple cut, highlights the elegant temperament of the bride. . If you are afraid of monotonous style, you can match a crown headdress, and add a sense of gorgeousness.

Trend 2: Detachable, lightweight skirt

Under the simple style, in 2019, there will be more light skirts with lighter styles on the lower skirts. The design of the air-heavy skirt will make the bride lighter. It is also convenient to match the shoes or lift the skirt to take pre-wedding photos. very suitable. The detachable skirt style wedding dress, the design is special, you can wear two, a wedding dress two feelings, take the overseas movie wedding photography is more convenient.

Trend 3: Long veil

Although the fashion industry has been blowing simple styles recently, many brands of wedding dresses tend to have clean lines and simple cuts, but they are always “a big day for a lifetime.” The bride wants to add a little sense of grandeur, in addition to wearing bling bling jewelry. A long veil is a fashionable method. Miss World Priyanka’s veil is 22 meters long, and it takes five people to hold the veil!

Trend 4: Three-dimensional small flowers

In 2019, the wedding dress design continues to flourish, even becoming a more eye-catching design focus, compared to the big luxury three-dimensional flower of the previous year, this year with fresh flowers, dotted on the skirt. The thin three-dimensional flower scattered the whole wedding dress, lovely but elegant.

Trend 5: Large area lace

Fine embroidery and delicate lace, the texture is light, the bride wears this translucent wedding dress, lace is like a tattoo, close to the skin, very modern. Chiara Ferragni’s wedding dress is covered with fine flower lace, and the lower part is decorated with a layered gauze. Although it is a long-sleeved dress, the translucent feeling makes the whole shape feel bloated.

Trend 6: Half high collar

This season, many brands have taken a mature route, using the semi-high-necked design, the overall feeling of the wedding dress has become elegant, the bride’s style is decent and modern.

Trend 7: Deep V

Many brides love the rare opportunity of a lifetime, revealing the career line, the wedding dress of deep V neckline continues to be hot in 2019, and there is a trend of deeper and more sexy. The V-neckline is more effective in making the face and figure more slender, and the fleshy girl is definitely suitable for carry.


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