A Modern Wedding among Summer Weddings

When it comes to the wedding nowadays, more and more young people no longer strictly follow the traditional ceremony or the age-old etiquette. And a modern wedding, from the process to the decoration, is currently in favor. So, how to create a popular wedding of modern style?
Wedding process:
The bride, wearing the white veil, walking down the aisle on her father’s arm in an elegant manner… might be soon a thing of the past. According to a survey of 200 brides, a quarter of them have no intention to take their husbands’ surnames after getting married. In addition, one out of every ten brides is unwilling to be dressed in white.
Nowadays, more and more women advocate the “feminism” at their weddings in a special and anti-traditional way.
Moreover, the ring is not essential to a modern wedding. Also, wearing the engagement ring, in a sense, is anti-feminism for more and more female, to whom, this tradition indicates that the bride is “delivered to and possessed by others” like some kind of private property.

At the meantime, the conventional white wedding dress is no longer the only option. ”Some brides choose not to wear the white wedding dress, which indicates that the bride is immaculate, while the groom’s ornaments have no special meaning. And the modern female believe that this, in some sense, implies the inequality of men and women.” Therefore, the blue, grey and pink wedding dress is now commonly seen in various wedding ceremonies. They have no specific meaning, but give the bride more options.
Wedding decoration:
Nowadays, more and more couples prefer to have an individualized wedding ceremony instead of a traditional one. Here is an example of decorating a romantic wedding ceremony.

Create a dreamlike ceremony area: when it comes to the modern wedding, the casual, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is the most important. Too much solemnity and formality is the least desirable. The folding seats, decorated with the white linen covers and purple silk ribbons, are placed on the lawn, giving the guests an opportunity to witness the sweet love and romantic moment of the bride and groom. Also, it is highly recommended to place the purple gauze on the passage between the seats, with the rose petals scattered, symbolizing the beginning of a journey full of happiness. In front of the purple silk background supported by the decorated iron frame, the bride and the groom make their marriage vows.
Usher the guests to their seats skillfully: placing the card in the purple flowers in the vase is not only a novel idea but also some details to romanticize the wedding. First, print “Please Have A Seat Here” and the guest lists; second, wrap the thin iron wire around a pencil for two rounds to make clips for the cards; finally, insert the other end of the thin iron wire into the flower mud for the purpose of fixing. The lower iron wire will be covered by the flower in blossom.

Decoration of the dining table: the standard practice of the traditional wedding ceremony is abandoned. In addition to the attractive decoration, the dining table is to be arranged in a way to facilitate the communication among the guests, which is a key factor to maintain a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. A round table or long table suitable for 6 ~ 8 people is decent. The dining table should be decorated in line with the overall wedding ceremony in terms of color. The flowers placed in the center of the table should have a size not affecting the direct eye contact.

Romantic flowers: the simple and natural bouquet tied with silk ribbon is the bride’s favorite. The color of the flowers selected should be in line with the wedding ceremony scene. The flowers selected should imply something good. The bouquet of purple and white roses is romantic and sweet, with the green leaves sprinkled amid enhancing the fresh feeling.

Engage the pet in the wedding: Usually, nobody is allowed to bring their pet dogs to any important occasion. However, the bride or the groom’ pet dog is free to participate in the modern wedding, and this will definitely enliven the atmosphere of the party. One could tie a purple ribbon to the pet’s neck, so that it will look like a gentleman to the wedding, or one could even put the ring in a purple silk bag attached to the pet’s neck. Surely, the bride and the groom exchanging the rings presented by their pet will make impression on the guests. Please make sure that the pet is under special care, if it is engaged in the wedding.

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