A Self-Narration from A Zentai Fan

Many people don’t know what zentai suit is, or they think it is a strange hobby. Today, a Milanoo costumer will tell her experience with zentai suit to help us know more about it. Here is her story:


“‘A zentai suit is a skin-tight garment that covers the entire body.’ That’s the explanation from Wikipedia. But for zentai people, it is more than a suit.

To be honest, when I first knew about zentai, I thought it was really weird and couldn’t understand why there were so many people liking it. Driven by curiosity, I bought a zentai suit in flesh color secretly and hided it deeply in my wardrobe.

One day, when there was no one at home, I picked it out and wanted to have a try. I felt a little shamed and guilty while dressing up it naked. I saw myself was totally covered by this suit, even my whole head, which meant no one could tell how I felt from my face and expressions. This made me feel very safe.

I watched the one in the mirror. I liked her butt, small breasts and slender waist, which made her a perfect body. Then I realized that was my body, and I was shocked. I always despised my slim body and thought there was nothing but bones under my skin. But at that day, I suddenly found the beauty of my body and began to like it.

Made of spandex, the suit clung to my skin gently, which made me feel to be held by the entire space. I like this feeling.

From then on, I loved zentai suit. It may be a little bit paradoxical. On one hand, zentai is like a shell protecting me from different meaning sight from out world. On the other hand, it helps me remove the identity mask and show the real me. I feel safe and real when putting on it. I also learn to accept and love myself as how I am. I would not recommend you to have a try. However, please don’t judge anything if you don’t know about it.”

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