About Lolita Shoes, You Have More Choices!

In the former blog, we have introduced lolita fashion briefly, knowing about where it originated and how it develops in these years. Besides, it also introduces three mainstream lolita suits.

Except dresses, shoes are other essential part of lolita fashion, which we need to pay attention to. Most people believe lolita shoes are equal to the little cute Mary Janes shoes, and are wondering what else shoes are when referring to lolita style shoes. In fact, for girls who are fond of lolita, there are more choices for finding a pair of suitable lolita footwear. So today’s topic is going to share some ideas about lolita style shoes.

As I have mentioned, what occurs to people’s mind in the first time is Mary Jane shoes when talking about lolita shoes. Mary Jane shoes, usually broad and rounded toebox, one or more straps fastened with buckle or button, low heels and thin outsoles, are the most classical lolita shoes. Lolita fashion is visually modest and a version of femmehood that doesn’t hinge on sexual maturity. Meanwhile, Mary Janes were mainly for children at the first stage, which were also unisex and innocent.

To make the lolita footwear cuter and more girly, varied bows and complicated straps are applied into the shoes. Besides, different from traditional Mary Janes, which are usually in black or dark colors, lolita shoes are preferring cute colors, like pink, white and light blue.

Except Mary Janes, there are many boots for lolita. Lolita boots usually cover to the lower calf, more often to the knee. Most of them are laced-up, with or without buckles. The Victorian Lolita and Punk lolita would be more interested in classic black boots, while there are still many sweet lolita shoes eatured with lolita fashionable factors, such as bows and heart-shape ornaments.

Nowadays, there are many other choices for lolita footwear, which are not traditional ones. For example, open-toed cute sandals go popular in lolita fashion. They are also made of leather or leather-looking materials. Most of them look like Mary Janes, but are open-toed.

Punk shoes have been adopted into lolita shoes because of the Punk lolita style.

Special Loafer and Oxfords with sweet decorations are also popular lolita shoes.

I hope this blog can give you more ideas when you are bothered to choose a proper lolita shoes. Another tip is that always choose the same style shoes with your lolita dress. A pair of sweet pink Mary Janes with Gothic lolita dress is a bad example.

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