After choosing a prom dress, what else we need to do?

Prom dress 2017

We have given you some advice about how to choose the most suitable dress for prom in 2017. Today, this blog is going to give you more tips to match your prom dress.

Shoes-Comfort is our key word

Picking out a pair of proper shoes is very important. They should not only be matching with your prom dress both in color and style but also be very comfortable. You are going to dance all the night, so the comfort of the shoes will have a great impact on your performance of the night.

When choosing a pair of suitable dancing shoes, what you should always keep in mind is that it wears comfortably. You can choose some simple but elegant square heels, which are usually in low heels.


However, for girls who are going to wear a short prom dress, they may choose some more stylish shoes, because people will also pay attention to your shoes when you are in short dress.

Prom shoes

Jewelry-Quality not quantity

Some girls may have some misunderstandings about the purpose to wear jewelry. They hope it can catch more eyes and attentions on themselves. But the real function of jewelry is to complement your whole dress and make you perfect.

So the first rule to choose proper jewelry is elegance and simplicity. The second is not wearing too much. Imaging this, you are wearing a fashionable necklace, huge earrings, multiple rings and bracelets, then you are not supposed to participate in a prom but a nightclub.

Jewelry for prom

Handbag-Keep all your little staff in

If you will take some little articles, such as some cosmetic, phone and keys, going with a handbag is very necessary. About how to choose one, it has the same rule to match with your dress both in color and style. Another thing is that it should not be too big, but enough to keep necessaries in.

handbags and clutch for prom 2017


At last, you’d better talk with your date about your dresses, so he can make a better preparation to match with you.

Hope all of you will have a wonderful night!

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