Albert Feng’s Interesting Marketing Conception Sharing Activity

After visiting and learning marketing strategies from many famous e-commerce companies in China, Albert Feng, CEO of, shared an interesting sharing activity with all Milanooers, making further thinking of Milanoo future operation system and discussing proper strategies. Albert gave an exciting lecture, and sharing his understanding of 4P marketing tactics.

Learning professional marketing theories in sharing activity is the one of the core Milanoo cultures. Albert cites a lot of successful marketing examples during his visit in a very interesting and funny way. Yet, this always makes Milanooers thinks more about Milanoo and Milanoo marketing.

Milanooer Presents Her Ideas in the Activity

Albert emphasized that All Milanoo did is to serve our customers, understanding the real needs of them from their bottom of heart. “Products should be the various enough for people’s requirements all over the world, catering to different cultures. Prices will be made affordable to make more people enjoy China made products. Promotions will make real benefits during special holidays all over the world.” he said. 

Albert’s words makes many Milanooers thinking.



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