An Introduction To Lolita Fashion

If you’re like most fashion-unconscious people, you probably aren’t’ that familiar with the new genres of styles that keep cropping up. Some of them are new takes on old styles while others are completely new and innovative ways of dressing. One of the styles you may not have heard much about is Lolita fashion. It sounds feminine and has a nice ring to it, right? But what exactly is it? Allow us to explain.


The Lolita fashion genre began in Japan, inspired by the Rococo and Victorian eras. The Lolita genre began on the streets of Japan in the 1980s and has became increasingly popular over the years. The term “Lolita” is meant to describe a style of dress that is child-like in nature with lots of frills, ribbons, lace and bows – think one of your grandmother’s expensive porcelain dolls she never let you play with. Contrary to popular belief, Lolita fashion is not about being sexy.

Today, Lolita fashion has spread like wildfire from Japan and invaded most every other country around the globe. Women and girls of all ages are loving the cute elegance of the poofy dresses, shiny shoes and pristine pinafores. It all takes us back to a simpler time. Here at, our buyers stay on top of the breaking trends in Lolita fashion and other styles to bring you the latest and greatest products on the market. Here are some of the styles we’ve recently added to our Lolita portion of the website.


We love the Lolita dresses that make you look like a priceless baby doll in a store window. This gorgeous pink and white Lolita dress transforms anyone that wears it into a sweet, child-like version of their former selves. Sometimes, Lolita fashion fans pair skirts with various tops to break away from the  dress style that others might be wearing. This beautiful ruffled skirt with a peekaboo underskirt is one example of a Lolita-style skirt. And yes – it does look like the skirt was taken straight off a dress. The skirts may be paired with a shirt like this button down lacy long sleeved shirt with a tied bow on the chest. Of course, under those dresses and skirts, you’re going to want to wear a nice lacy pair of bloomers for modesty. Lolita-style shoes are generally, you guessed it, throwbacks to our own childhood with replicas of dress shoes most of us wore as a child. Some examples of these are this lovely pink pair of Lolita dress shoes  or this classic pair of black shiny dress shoes.


Lolita fashion is meant to be fun,elegant and child-like. The whole idea of it is to bring out the child-like qualities in ourselves to help us see the world with innocent child-like wonder again. It’s about fashion – not about sex, being promiscuous or to signify anything along those lines. It’s just fashion and it’s just fun!


To see our complete line of Lolita-style clothing and accessories, visit our website.

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