Are you ready for the carnival 2019?

Did you go to the carnival in cologne?

Let’s talk about what it.

German Karneval, the celebration is popular in Germany Rhine region, from every year on November 11 at 11 11 points, until the next year in February, or march, time is not necessarily per year), during this period the germans called “the fifth season of the year”, there are many celebration activities, including women’s day, children carnival, etc., and at the rose Monday (Rosenmontag), floats in the parade in the culmination of the activity.

The origin of carnival can be traced back to the greco-roman times, when the greeks and Romans celebrated the joyous Spring Festival with wine, women and singing in honor of Dionysus and Saturn.Teutonians (ancient germans) celebrated the winter solstice and worshipped the gods to drive away the evil spirits of winter.Later, christians adopted the pagan customs, as a result of the forty days before Easter “lent,” ban all recreational activities, not only during fasting all meat, so people will before lent begins to indulge, gradually evolved into a now regardless of religion, race and nationality, together with happy carnival.

The prestigious Kölner Karneval Cologne Carnival has been held since 1823 and has a history of 195 years. On February 12th, there were all neighboring cities in Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bochum and so on. Grand celebrations.

The most popular part of the carnival is the “rose Monday” parade, which is organized by carnival societies, music groups and local cultural and historical organizations.Its biggest characteristic lies in the float figure mostly is the political figure, and by the humorous, the satire, the exaggeration is like the political caricature the technique presents.

In recent years, German chancellor Angela merkel topped the spoof list, followed by U.S. President Donald trump.

Other “talking heads” such as British prime minister Theresa may, north Korean leader Kim jong UN and German social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Martin schulz were also targeted.

he carnival of 2019 has arrived. Are you still worried about not choosing a good carnival dress?Come and see milanoo. There must be something for you!


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