Are you still being played by Karneval?

As the biggest street festival in German, Karneval really can bring people lots of fun. For several weeks or months, people will wear various costume clothes and make up to have big parades on street. They will dance and sing on the street, relax all pressure and trouble, just having fun. Meanwhile, everybody will have her/his unique costume. Different people have different choice, someone will choose dance costume, or retro costume and a couple would choose couple costume or movie &TV apparel. In addition, there are some people who will even dress their pets up. Everyone has his special costume idea, but have you ever saw someone whose costume is really very awkward. When talking about this topic, let’s look some interesting examples below.

Case 1: What did you feed merely beats the air
Having great passion for cosplay, I make up my mind about making a cosplay costume on my own, though I am not a professional Coser. I call forth all my energy to make the costume by giving up my spare time for drinking with friends and going for a stroll with family after work. Finally the costume is completed. Oh my Gosh! The costume looks ridiculous and it’s absolutely not what I expect. I am deeply down.


Case 2: Great difference between dream and reality.

Dressing up as the ghost vampire, zombie or witch lacks creativity. My costume is supposed to be special and eye-catching. So, I force an idea out of my exhausted brain to get a tomato cosplay costume. It looks nice but what’s happening? It’s impossible to stand up with it on me. I am going to be late for the Karneval!!


Case 3: A lonely Karneval

I am shy and walk the chalk all the time, but my instinct of seeking sensation makes my restless on Karneval. But the point is that I have no good ideas. I am so shy that I will not invite my family members to join me. How can I do? Just stay with a pumpkin only?


Okay, as I mentioned these cases above, have you been inspired by these cases about how to enjoy yourself? There are several good costume ideas as below.

Primary costume idea

—It’s suitable for office workers and people of poor hand-on skills

Buy cosplay costume you love like Spider-Man and pose as standard or free postures for a photograph, then show off to your friends. Yeah, this is just so attractive. You might wear the costume to carnival as well. Buying a costume not only saves time and effort, but also offers you more choices to select various themes of costumes.



Easy costume is a favorable choice for serious office workers which help to relax their tense facial muscles and minds.

Intermediate Karneval idea

–It’s suitable for couples

Couple costumes are popular for couples when they stroll, go on vacation and of course, have fun on Karneval. Diverse styles of couple costumes offer golden chance to have a ball as well as be lovey-dove on this Karneval.

Advanced Karneval idea

–It’s suitable for a big family to celebrate Cologne Karneval

If you have a big family, whom you’d like to have fun on this street festival with, family costumes won’t let you down. Choosing a theme you all love and everybody dresses up, you could tell how sweet and warm it is and if attending the carnival, it will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Supreme Karneval idea

—It’s suitable for a crowd of people’s carnival/Group carnival

Young people are keen on parties. How about holding a rave cosplay party on this big festival to have a great time regardless of styles? Isn’t Group cosplay quite shocking & impressive? Moreover, I have also found a more interesting cosplay tips in a hot video: super heroes cosplay a superior cosplay theme for its awesome visual effect. Finally, how about your costume this time?

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