Attack on Milanoo Cosplay Day

Since the last Cosplay day of Milanoo, it has been a whole year. On this 31st July, Milanoo hosted the second Cosplay day in his headquarter. Staff of milanoo dressed up with costumes, which can all be found on Milanoo’s vertical site,, specializing on Cosplay costumes.

Aiming at showing the company’s dense atmosphere of Cosplay, Milanoo decided to host this annually Cosplay-themed show in every July. Staffs of Milanoo can choose whatever costumes they like on, website owed by Milanoo. Besides, the company invited professional dressers to make up for every participator. The only thing, the participator need to do is posing and acting like the role in the animations or games.

As a company who has about eight years’ experience of manufacturing and selling Cosplay costumes, Milanoo chose to build vertical site to adjust to the customers’ need . The site,, which boasts a slogan of “show your hobbies” is the most direct result of that. Besides the site, the annual show is a method to confirm the relationship with customers as well.

To any Cosplay-lover, costumes can be the most important part. In this show, you can see the true result of costumes from because all of the actors are ordinary boys or girls. Except the pictures, you can get more details about Milanoo’s Cosplay day on Youtube.


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