Awesome Fur Coat Ideas For Winter Look

If you want to be a cool fashioner in this winter, you need a faux fur item. But you may be frustrated by how to match it. Today, I will give you some simple but practical suggestion about matching a fashion look when you wear a fur coat. The matching clothes, shoes and accessories are all basic articles, and you needn’t have to buy anything for it.

#1 Elegant Party Look

When you go to a party, you will wear a formal or elegant dress. But it will be very cold if you only wear a piece of dress. At this time, you only need to wear a thick warm coat outside. When you are in warm room, just take off the coat and begin to enjoy the party.

#2 Sexy Night Club Look

Going to a night club, you need to be hot and sexy, which means what you wear should be attractive and appealing. However, hot and sexy dresses or clothing are always revealing and light. Then putting on a warm fur coat can solve all the problems.

Matching Tip 1: A bodycon dress is always the first one choice to match with a fur coat. You can be sexy or elegant depending on the dress style you choose. Boots, whether over the knee or short, are also friendly to fur coat.

#3 Sporty Look

Instead of packing exercise clothes in you backpack and changing them in the dressing room of gym, you can put them on and go to the gym directly when you wear a faux fur coat outside.

#4 Casual Daily Look

Wearing a tight jeans and a t-shirt is usually our daily look. We often used to having a wrong idea that the fur coat should be together with something luxury. In fact, it can perfectly match with simple and normal items.

Matching Tip 2: Never wear something loose inside when wearing a fur coat. Because the fur coat is usually heavy and thick, if you wear baggy clothes inside, it will make you fat. Whereas, tights will show your body feature and make you slim in fur coat.

Fur coat is an all-matching item, and you can ealisy hold it in different fashion styles. So come on and have one your onw fur coat!

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