Be the most beautiful bride from owning a unique wedding dress

It’s all girls’ dream to be a most beautiful bride. How to be the most beautiful bride? Actually if she has a unique wedding dress she would be the most beautiful bride. According to a survey, 99.9% women hope to get their own unique wedding dress at their big day. This survey fully express that the wedding dress is so important for brides. In fact, with the development of people’s living standard, more and more women desire to have their own unique wedding dress at that big day. They hope this exclusive dress can fully express their beauty at that day. What’s more, as a bride, she hopes to collect this wedding dress for her whole life. When having wedding anniversary she can wear it again. Then all good memory and happy time reappears in her brain. Is it very romantic and happy? In order to satisfy the needs of owning a unique wedding dress of most brides, Milanoo launch a wedding customization project. You can give your desired styles, your figure size, your desired fabric, some details of your dreamed wedding dress and colors to our designer Miss Lan. Then she will design your unique wedding dress according to your requirement.


Now follow Kerry to custom your own exclusive bridal gown. You just need several steps to making your wedding dress.

1.Tell us what’s body shape you belong to, and then designer Miss Lan would know what styles are fixed for you.

02. After giving your body shape, now you need measure your body size, like Shoulder Width, Nipple to Nipple, Bust, Waist, Hip, Arm Length, Upper Arm Circumference, Armpit Circumference See picture below to know more info.

13.Tell us what occasion you will choose to wear this dress. Because some wedding dresses are applied for outdoor, some are applied for indoor. So the designer will choose some appropriate styles for you according to the occasions.

4.Now you can start choosing what styles you really want. So you need give your answer of Sleeve/ Collar type/ Back style/ Skirt/ Tailing/ Skirtlength. See more info through this picture below.

25.Then what fabric do you want? You like satin, chiffon, tulle or other fabrics? Now just tell our designer your answer.

6.Now tell our designer what small parts do you want to add, like Nail bead, Embroidery, Flower, Lace patch, Bow, belt or others.

7.Finally, what color of your wedding dress do you desire, white, black, ivory, pink, blue or other colors? Be the most beautiful bride in the world from wearing a unique exclusive wedding dress.

8.What’s more, if you have more info about your wedding dress idea, please write down at the “Remark” form. Besides, if you can draw a picture of the dress, you can upload it. Then we will custom your dress according to your info and picture.


Now you can tell us what wedding dress you want, we can make a perfect, unique, exclusive bridal gown for you. Be the most beautiful bride from wearing a unique exclusive wedding dress.

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