Big Fight! Homecoming Dresses VS. Prom Dresses

If today we will take homecoming dresses as topic, would you think it’s too early to talk about? The answer is absolutely NO. If you want to keep a perfect memory and leave no regrets in the homecoming, you should really plan it in advance. I bet you don’t want to step into a crowd shop and find the dress you like is out of stock or without your size, or find there is no enough time to buy online without much shipping time, so you only choose a normal dress in a hurry to attend it. Then you will find other girls dressed themselves up perfectly and enjoy a wonderful night, while you, like an ugly duckling, keep quiet in the corner. Wake up, and things will not go such bad if you prepare for it early and find your right dress.

Some girls think that the dresses for their former prom are easy and good choices to attend homecoming, which even won a Prom Queen for them. For most people, the prom party and homecoming party may seem very similar or even the same, because they are both a kind of social party in school and what they need are social dresses. In fact, there are many distinct differences between them, especially referring to choose a proper dress.

The season of the two events is quite different. Prom party is normally held at the end of the academic year, usually in the late spring that is from April to June, while homecoming ball is held at the end of homecoming event, which is usually in late September or early October. Since prom is formal and the season is cooler, girls are suggested to prepare a long dress reaching the floor. However, homecoming is a semi-formal event and the weather is much warmer, short dresses which fall at or just above the knees are better choices.

About the color of dresses, they are also different in the two events. The prom will be held in spring, so the color of the dress are always more colorful and bright to show the vitality of spring.  But dresses in dark colors are also popular, because they seem more elegant and formal. Whereas, the season of homecoming is in autumn, so the dresses would be better in warm colors with greyer scale, which are not very bright but make people feel comfortable and warm.

About the style, as mentioned above, the prom is the biggest event in high school, so it is much more formal than homecoming. So the dresses for prom are not only longer, but also elegant and gorgeous. Since homecoming dresses are semi-formal and there is a hot party, so the dresses should be short, tight and more sleek silhouettes and cuts which allows for comfortable dancing and movement.

Even though there are many special occasions that need we wear formal social dresses, as students, we don’t have to buy so many different dresses to cater to each occasion. We can choose one or two classic dresses in different styles to adapt to diverse occasions. If you make a good choice when you buy prom and homecoming dresses, both of them can be your social dresses and suitable for different parties.

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