Binding, the magic to perfect social dresses!

In the five new trends of our newly designed homecoming dresses, the most useful one is the binding. I didn’t even notice this detail and realize it was so practical at the beginning. Then I find it is really magic.

At first, we need to distinguish between binding and piping. Binding is usually wrapping a raw edge by sealing a separate fabric on it, while piping can be corded on the clothes, which is more like decorative ornaments.

As all know, social dresses like homecoming dresses, prom dresses and occasional dresses, tulle is always the most classic and indispensable material for them. It is soft and light, and makes these social dresses look elegant and holy.

However, it also has disadvantages, which is flimsy and whose edge is usually rough.

But if we finish the tulle’s edge with another fabric, which is binding the tulle, the tulle will be neater and more durable.

Moreover, the binding is hard, so it can support each layer’s tulle, which will help the dress look more bouffant.

Taking advantage of binding in social dresses is definitely a creative move in fashion. Though it is a small detail, but it changes a lot to make fashion better.

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