Blue and White, Fresh and Cool Looks for Summer

The freshness from inside out when in blue will tranquilize yourself, and cool people around. Besides, blue is innately elegant, and simple blue clothes will create the elegance and freshness in summer. Is there any girl able to resist its glamour?

Blue dress + blue high heels + dinner bag. The blue dress, noble, elegant and endowing women with great femininity, is suitable for graceful beauties. The waist design is exactly for the slim girls with slender waist, who will show her perfect body immediately after putting on the dress. And if you want to get rid of your childishness, this dress is good to try. In the date or evening party, in the blue dress, going with the blue high heels and luxury dinner bag, will make you charming and striking.

Blue blouse + jeans + sandals + blue handbag + sunglasses. A common blue blouse going with white pants looks both cool and fashionable. Blue is best color to make people feel refreshed. In addition, if it is matched with jeans, the legs of jeans could be rolled up to avoid monotony. Lace-up sandals make the summer fresh and cool. That is far from being ready for going out in summer. A simple but elegant blue handbag will make you look stylish and increase the refreshed feeling. At last, you need the sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight, and meanwhile, make you like a movie star! This comfort garment is refreshing and casual, suitable for leisure time in the weekend in summer.

In the warming weather, the agitated girls is suffering the most horrible summer impatience—disinclined to dress up. Do you want to be a “decadent” in this summer? Come on, here are some refreshing and cool garments for you. The seemingly simple white dress, going with some elaborate ornaments, can also be variable and charming. It will keep the agitation away and maintain you in style.

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