Brief Introduction about Lolita Fashion


When people refer to Lolita, the first thought coming to my mind is the famous novel Lolita, written by Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. Because of this novel, the name “Lolita” has been used to imply that a young girl is sexually precocious.


But today we are going to talk about Japanese lolita fashion, which is totally different from “Lolita” in that novel. In Japan, lolita is a synonym for cute and sweet girls, aging 12 to 25. According to the definition of Wikipedia, “Lolita is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing with a Rococo influence.” A 2008 New York Times report called Lolita fashion a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Addams Family, whose influences include “Victorian children’s wear, the French Rococo period, goth-inspired darkness and Japanese anime”.


Another key point I need to remind you is that lolita is not cosplay. Because lolita represents a way to live and show people’s idea about fashion, while cosplay is a performance art which specifies in role-playing.

Based on its definition, lolita fashion is mainly divided into three styles, which are Sweet lolita, Classic lolita and Gothic lolita.

Sweet lolita clothes, mainly using cloth in pink, light blue and some other cute colors, are intended to show the cuteness and adorableness like a sweet doll. Besides, it will also print many cute pictures, such as small cakes, ice creams, little animals and spots in fairytales on the clothes. There will be more lace and folds applied in Sweet Lolita clothes.


Classic lolita focuses on muted or darker colors, antique motifs, and florals. Different from Sweet lolita, it prefers soothing colors, such as light brown and white, and more folds than lace are used in dresses. Little floral cloth is other common factor in Classic lolita. Classic lolita dresses aspire to create a sense of nobility with simplicity and elegance.


Gothic lolita is not the same as Goth, but it does borrow some factors of it. It focuses on some gothic motifs to express a sense to mystery, terror, and death. So trinkets related to “religion” and “death” are very popular.


Except what I have mentioned above, there are many other styles. If you want to know more knowledge about lolita fashion, just focus on our page.

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