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About Lolita Shoes, You Have More Choices!

In the former blog, we have introduced lolita fashion briefly, knowing about where it originated and how it develops in these years. Besides, it also introduces three mainstream lolita suits. Except dresses, shoes are other essential part of lolita fashion, which we need to pay attention to. Most people believe lolita shoes are equal to […]

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Brief Introduction about Lolita Fashion

When people refer to Lolita, the first thought coming to my mind is the famous novel Lolita, written by Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. Because of this novel, the name “Lolita” has been used to imply that a young girl is sexually precocious. But today we are going to talk about Japanese lolita fashion, which […]

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La storia del Carnevale di Venezia

Il Carnevale di Venezia è uno dei più conosciuti e apprezzati Carnevale del mondo. Adesso è diventato un grande e spettacolare evento turistico, che richiama migliaia di visitatori da tutto il mondo che si riversano in città per partecipare a questa festa considerata unica per storia, atmosfere e maschere. I giorni tradizionalmente più importanti del Carnevale veneziano sono il Giovedì […]

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The most famous carnivals in the world

When it comes to carnival, people in the world may don’t feel strange, because there are thousands of big or small carnivals. For some big ones, they are famous in the world. Now Kerry will introduce 9 the most famous carnivals to you. Berlin Carnival Berlin carnival is the most famous and most people attending […]

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Embarrassing Cosplay Stories Explosion

Hey guys, still remember me? In last post, I have introduced several cosplay ideas for cosplay amateurs and it also aroused cosers’ interest and many of them have shared their cool cosplay looks with us. I am quite impressed with their creative ideas, especially for the carrot cosplay. Some strange cosplay ideas are offered by amateurs […]

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Are you still being played by Karneval?

As the biggest street festival in German, Karneval really can bring people lots of fun. For several weeks or months, people will wear various costume clothes and make up to have big parades on street. They will dance and sing on the street, relax all pressure and trouble, just having fun. Meanwhile, everybody will have […]

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