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Where to Buy Couple Kigurumi Onesie?

Are you interest in kigurumi which is a kind of easy costume? You know where it is from? Here Kerry wants to tell you its origins. Kigurumi is from Japanese name着ぐるみ, which is used by cos players who represent cartoon characters, often animals. There are various costumes characters like Pikachu, Piplup, Disney, Hello Kitty, cats, […]

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Lolita Fashion-Make your dream come true

Life is hard and people who love lolita fashion always have many ideas to get their dream come true. In such a wonderland of Lolita, girls are wearing fairytale lolita dresses, dreamlike wigs and beautiful headdress, with an extra stunning make up which could make them look more like a fairy. In my option, girls […]

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Buy Kigurumi Pajamas on Milanoo

As horrible and crazy Halloween goes by, those costumes faded up. While, have you ever heard of Kigurumi Pajamas? – An easy costume. It’s not just applied on Halloween family party, in some formal parties or cosplay activities it is chosen by some cosplayers. What’s more, many people may choose them as their pajamas in […]

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Lolita Fashion New Styles

Lolita is an attitude and girls who love lolita dresses always keep a young and sunny heart. Life is hard and yes, Lolita is always a sweet dream. So, why not fall in love with lolita fashion? There are so many different lolita styles for fans, such as sweet lolita, gothic lolita, classic lolita as […]

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PPAP–Catsuits & Zentai SHOW

In this big world, every day there are various new things happen. Recently, you may listen to a funny song – PPAP. If not, here Kerry will introduce this magical song to you. PPAP is the short of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. It is created by a Japanese singer namedピコ太郎. This song is about pen, apple, and pineapple. […]

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