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vacation outfits

What’s your vacation plan and what to wear?

Summer Vacation is not too far from now. So have you got any ideas about where to go, how to spend your summer vacation and what to wear? I believe this is a nice topic since people are always eager for summer vacations and will make a perfect in advanced, about where to go and […]

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Several Styles of Prom Dresses You can’t Miss out for Your Graduation

What’s your feeling of graduation? I know all of you feel so great, because graduation means that you finished your all subjects of junior or high school and you can be free to play and have parties with your friends  or have a vocation in the next several months. When it comes to graduation, girls […]

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Men's Winter Fashion 2016

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends 2016

Like each year’s popular fashion trends existed, there are various trends for Men’s winter fashion 2016. Hoodies, Knitted overcoat, leather jackets, parka jacket and trench coat, etc.  Each style has its special features and reveals a different looking and feeling for men. One may love a a style very much or could have different tasts for […]

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Milanoo boutique

Milanoo BOUTIQUE——Say goodbye to shipping cost and duties

Good news! Purchase items from Milanoo’s new overseas warehouse for free shipping and duty free. Many customers for overseas shopping have the experience of having no choice but to give up an item of high duty, even higher than item’s price. Milanoo regret this situation and begin to seek solutions in the line with the […]

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Milanoo Fashion Guide: Makeup Ideas for 2014 Homecoming

Feminine looks are in
For this season’s homecoming, do not be afraid to express your femininity. The androgynous look is currently almost absent of the catwalks. For example, doll-like eye lashes are still a hit. For a shinier and feminine look, spread some discrete glitter over your lips and over the shadow.

Your eye shadows must have a strong identity. For example, the smoky or sleek winged shaded patterns strongly impose themselves. Alternatively, use a line dance with an up and coming shape and colour. This will give you a more natural look, one which is still pretty much in. (more…)

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Milanoo Fashion Guide: Homecoming Hairstyles

Who cares if the excitement of the summer is fading away? There is loads of fun hiding in your same old routine anyway. Everyone is arriving renewed, full of motivation and new ideas. Even if your holiday wasn’t that great, it will be easy to join in the spirit. Just get up and get ready to discover the best this season has to offer. Start by celebrate your homecoming by choosing the winner hairstyle look. The one that says ’I came, I saw and I conquered’.

Here, we will give you a few trendy hairstyle ideas to help you keep feeling the summer hype. You can choose between the summer light and the sensy curls. But whatever you do, be aware that the cold is slowly building-up and your schedule is about to become busier.


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