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Big Fight! Homecoming Dresses VS. Prom Dresses

If today we will take homecoming dresses as topic, would you think it’s too early to talk about? The answer is absolutely NO. If you want to keep a perfect memory and leave no regrets in the homecoming, you should really plan it in advance. I bet you don’t want to step into a crowd […]

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No Nut, Go Nuts!!!

Have you ever found you left your keys behind home when you were going to open the door, or when you hurry to go to work, but you can’t find your phone and keys? Have you forgotten taking out your wallet when you need to pay for something? These situations are not only troublesome and […]

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Milanoo 9th anniversary sales

Attention!!! Milanoo 9th Anniversary Event |Waiting for Special You

In 2008, a legendary year in China, which was suffering a horrible earthquake, but holding a magnificent Olympic Games in Peking, Milanoo was born! In the nine years, selling 9,521,733 products to 4,320,000 customers in more than 153 countries, Milanoo has gradually grown up and strengthened up from a little tender baby site. But without […]

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How to set up fashion as a career? Milanoo will give you an perfect answer! For people who are looking for fashion clothes wholesale.

How to be an successful apparel wholesale?

If you are someone starting up fashion clothing business or independent on-line and off-line boutiques and urging to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier, then Milanoo is the best choice! Established in 2008, Milanoo Wholesale, specializing in selling men’s and women’s clothing, wedding and special events items, cosplay costumes and a wide variety of other […]

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Milanoo Brand & Copyright protection

Milanoo Brand Protection, we are sincere…

Milanoo has so many Exclusive wedding&occasion dresses which have been stolen by other merchants for commercial purpose. Here I would like to point out 4 obvious ones which have been widely shared by fans in multiple social sites, meanwhile being stolen seriously by so many stores, ID: 466429, 466423, 466425, 466435  , there are more but […]

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Cheap but Good Quality Prom Dress – You Want??

The graduation season  once a year is approaching, for those who will graduate students,they are busy to prepare their graduation clothes. For boys, they are thinking to choose a  set of formal suits or tuxedo. In fact, men’s style is simpler than women’s. As for girls’ graduation dress, girls are the busiest. Because a good prom dress […]

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