How to Choose A Decent Dress for Wedding Party?

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Wedding is not only the big day for the bride and groom. The reason why it is meaningful and significant is that the new couples are united in a marriage in the witness of relatives and friends.

In this important day, everyone should dress up his/her best and suitable suit to show their respect and blessings to the couple. If how to pick up a decent dress for a wedding party is bothering you, Milanoo will give you some advice.



Dressing up decently is the first thing we should care about. In different occasions, we dress different clothes. So as a guest in a wedding, what are the decent clothes for us? The question is easy for men who can wear a nice formal suit, while female may have to think about more details about dress.

formal dress for wedding party

If we know the wedding theme in advance, like beach wedding, forest wedding or garden party, we will have different choices. Take beach wedding as an example, we can pick up a dress which is simple and short with a pair of flats. This suit is convenient to move on sand and will not feel humid and hot on beach.

formal dress for wedding party


It’s women’s nature to make themselves gorgeous and attractive. But we should remember to be modest and the bride should be the most beautiful women on her big day. So we don’t recommend you choose a white formal dress, for if there is someone wearing a white dress, she would be the bride.

formal dress for wedding party

Don’t wear clothes which are too unique and different if you are not participating in a whimsical party. Otherwise you will be the clown in the party.

formal dress for wedding party


Dress is important. But you also need to match suitable bags, shoes and jewelries. For example, when you finally pick up an elegant purple dress, you wear a pair of red high heels. This will be a disaster. You don’t have to make them all in the same color, but showing the main color in some little accessories will be both harmony and pretty.

formal dress for wedding party

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