Choosing The Right Hair Accessories

Today, the options for hair accessories are as varied as the styles and tastes of the people who wear them. They can be mixed and matched almost exactly to any outfit you are wearing, which makes them highly sought after and very appealing. Some accessories work better for long hair while others look great on short styles. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular hair accessories and some new variations on old styles.
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Headbands are an age-old classic that were made widely popular in the 50s and 60s. Young girls as well as mature women have worn them over the years. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials – from hard plastic to stretchy elastic. Headbands look great on either long or short hair and can be used in conjunction with a pony tail or as stand alone pieces. Some people who are growing out their bangs like headbands because they keep the shorter pieces of hair from falling into their face. Headbands compliment any style, from business attire to casual to formal.

Barrettes are another timeless classic that women of all ages love. Small, colorful plastic ones are popular among little girls while more grown up bar-style with metal clasps barrettes are what women prefer. So many looks can be created with barrettes that it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They can be worn on shorter hairstyles on the side of the head to add interest or to hold back wayward bangs. They can be used on longer hair in a swept off the face look. Barrettes, just like headbands, can be dressed up or dressed down to compliment just about any style.

Claw Clips
Claw clips are a lifesaver for the busy woman. They can transform even the worst of bad hair days into a graceful updo in a matter of seconds. They work best on hairstyles that are all one length because shorter pieces are harder to control, but can work well on shorter styles if the right size is used. Because they come in many different sizes, claw clips can accommodate even the longest of hair. Claw clips are sturdy, versatile and very handy on days when  your hair just will not cooperate.

Hair Pins

We don’t mean your grandmother’s hair pins. We’re talking about the embellished variety that feature rhinestones, beads, silk flowers and other pretty things. Hair pins are a great accessory for most hair lengths and styles. They can be used to pin some hair away from the face for a demure look or used to decorate elaborate updos. Maybe you just want to add a little something extra and feminine to your ponytail or bun or you’d like to pin a flower to the side of your head for a tropical summer look. Hair pins (of all shapes, styles and varieties) are easy to use, versatile and a must-have accessory in your hair gear bag.

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