Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Shape

Over the years, we’ve all picked up fashion tips that taught us how to accentuate our positive features while downplaying the not-so-positive aspects of ourselves. We’ve learned which clothes flatter our figures and which styles we should stay away from. Many of us even choose our hairstyle based on the shape of our head and face. Even though we take our natural appearance into consideration when choosing most of our clothing, we probably don’t think must about our body shape when it comes to accessorizing with the right jewelry. However, our body shape plays a very important role in how our jewelry is going to look on us. It gives us yet one more opportunity to accentuate the positive, by utilizing pieces that are flattering. Here are some tips on how to choose the best jewelry for your body type.

First of all, if you have a large frame, smaller pieces of jewelry are not going to show up well. On the flip side of that, if you have a small frame, larger pieces of jewelry are going to overpower you. Finding a balance that works for you instead of against you is key.

For people with a round face and/or a short neck, adding length is what you want to do. Drop earrings that are long (not necessarily heavy) give the illusion of a longer neck while longer necklaces draw the eye down and give length to the face. Now, if you’re top heavy with wide shoulders, in addition to having a round face or short neck, you also need added length. Layering necklaces of different lengths can add that length, plus add a few more dimensions of interest to draw the eye away from the upper portion of the body.

Pear shaped people are smaller through the shoulders and bust area and get wider through the hips. These are the people that need to accentuate the top part of the body to draw the eyes up instead of down. This can be achieved by wearing chunky pieces with lots of textures and earrings in bold patterns and bright colors.

pearl jewelryRectangle or brick-shaped women tend to be pretty well-defined in all areas, except for the waist. These people want to create the illusion of curves. While most any type of jewelry will work for them, not much of it will create the curve effect they need. One way this can be achieved is by wearing a wide scarf as a belt or utilizing a chain belt to add interest to the area.

Those who have the proverbial hour glass shape are well-proportioned and can pull off just about any look. They don’t need to accentuate the positive or camouflage the flaws. However, the should be mindful of the tip about wearing jewelry that is flattering to your overall frame size so that it doesn’t get overpowered or overpower them.

*Special note: While costume jewelry is very popular, there are some people that cannot wear it due to some of the ingredients, like nickle, contained therein. They experience rashes, itching and other allergic reactions. This happens most often with costume jewelry earrings. If you experience any skin conditions after wearing a piece of jewelry, stop wearing it and consult with your doctor to see if you are allergic to it.

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