Choosing The Right Pair Of Men’s Shoes

Most guys don’t think much about what they wear, much less the kind of shoes they wear. Yes, some of this may be attributed to their “go with the flow” attitude, but some of it may be due to them not really knowing which kinds of shoes go with which kinds of outfits. The excuses stop here! We’re going to show you guys exactly how to dress up your outfits – down to the shoes, so you can get busy shopping for new ones to replace those ratty sneakers you think “go with everything”.

Shoes for a casual look
If your outfit consists of some khaki pants and a polo-style shirt, you’re going to want a casual shoe to match. Loafers and oxford styles work really well with these types of outfits. Some casual shoes with laces and lug soles may work, too – if they fit the subdued casual theme. You really don’t want a lot of flash and shine on a casual shoe so stay with subtle leathers instead.

Shoes for a formal or dressy look
The same shoes you wore for your casual look really won’t fit the bill when it comes to dressing for a fancier occasion. For situations that call for a suit and tie, you want a dressier shoe that has the flash and shine that the casual shoe. Alternately, for business suits and such, loafer with tassels work really well, too.

Shoes for jeans
With a great pair of well-fitting jeans, you can get away with just about any style of shoe – except the aforementioned dressy variety. Boots, sneakers, sandals and lug soles all coordinate well with jeans so the only trick here is matching them to your tops. Sneakers work for t-shirts while lug soles and boots would be better for a button down shirt.

Other shoe-buying tips for men

  • Don’t be afraid to buy a size larger or smaller than you usually wear. Sizes will vary between designers and it’s important that you get the correct fit. Buy what “feels right” instead of what you’ve always bought before.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new styles. If you’re the kind of guy that’s never worn a dressy shoe in his life, broaden your horizons and try on a pair the next time you’re out shopping. Alternately, if you’re not normally a sandal wearer, find a pair you like the looks of and take them for a spin. Trying new things like this is a great way to find fresh, new looks for difference occasions.
  • When buying dressy or casual shoes, the rule to follow is match the pants. Men’s shoes are pretty much “color coded”, in that the color of the shoe tells you which color pants they are going to look the best with. Browns, of course, look good with earthy tones and greens while tans look best with lighter earthy tones and whites. Black shoes are for essentially any color pants because we know black goes with anything!
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One thought on “Choosing The Right Pair Of Men’s Shoes

  1. I completely second your last tip. There have been so many times when I’ve seen a guy in a great suit–but with clashing shoes. HUGE let down.


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