Christmas is really no longer red and green with, so dress fashionable!

Coming into December, many girls begin to plan their Christmas plans. From the Christmas party to the candlelight dinner, the activities are wonderful, but are you ready to make yourself stand out and become the highlight of the party? 

Before we get started on getting new skills for Christmas wear, let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions about Christmas wear!

Christmas is not Halloween, do not have to dress up so funny, also do not have to hide their beauty, leave the masks or  other stuff until Halloween!

Don’t dress yourself up as a Christmas tree with the red and green colors. Such simple and crude Christmas clothes have been outdated. Be careful when wearing red and green.

The elements of Christmas

Speaking of which, you might ask, “you can’t wear the most appropriate red, green at Christmas. What else is there to wear?” Let’s solve the big question mark in your head below, here still sent a few groups of collocation for you according to family party, go shopping Christmas market, evening date three kinds of different occasions, choose one you like yourself !

Here are four trends to look forward to this year:

Say goodbye to the little black dress. This year’s trend is for a more feminine knee-length or MIDI dress with sleeves, long sleeves, three-quarters long sleeves or short sleeves, and an elegant belt. Dress fabrics should be light, decorative, layered or lacy.It can be raspberry, eggplant purple, or chocolate.Woolen dresses are also popular for Christmas.

Sweaters, especially sweaters, are warm and comfortable.The popular colors this year are red and orange.It is popular to wear loose sweaters with geometric patterns or mesh.When wearing such a sweater, it is best to match the bottom with tight pants or skirt.

A wool coat is a good choice.The fleecy, silky wool coat feels warm, like snow in winter.It’s also light and comfortable to wear.

A warm and special scarf is a must in winter.In the snowy winter, scarf can not only bring you warmth, but also make you enjoy the warm Christmas.A unique accessory can also make you stand out from the crowd.


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