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24 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. i cant open your website today,what is going on,have you moved your website

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. The website was under maintenance. It’s back online now. 🙂

  2. I ordered a dress and you sent the wrong one I’ve tried to call the number and can’t get through I need to send it back please help

    1. hello,i am sorry for the suggestion is visiting this page: contacting our help center through telephone or email.

  3. I have placed an order this is my Invoice ID:
    en-uk_121115222630_004 and
    (Unique Transaction ID 0F603645RC828883P)
    I can’t see ANYTHING in my Milanoo Account about my order. The funds have been received. I want to know what’s going on NOW

    1. hello, sorry for the inconvenience. you can connect our help center through telephone or email and the stuff of customer service dpt will help you with your problem. this is the page with necessary information:

  4. I placed an order on your website seven days ago on the 15th November and received a payment confirmation from Paypal, other than that I have not received any other contact from you, no confirmation, shipping notification or receipt of any kind. I do not have an order number or tracking details and I do not appear to be able to logon online to check the status there.

    I am concerned as I am working to a deadline to get these shoes in time for a wedding dress fitting. I would appreciate a fast response to let me know what is going on with this order?!

    1. hello Amy,i am wondering have you connected with the help center of in this page:,you can find the most effective way to connect them. i am so sorry but this is the only information i can offer because i am just in charge of this blog.

  5. i am trying to send some dresses back before my 7days run out. i have recieved my RMA number but you havent sent me your returns address. i need this urgently before i can no longer send them back. i feel like you are pro-longing the situation so that you will not have to reund me. please can you just send me the correct address, and not send me the attachment that is non exsistant in the emails. thank you

    1. i am so sorry for your inconvenience. have you tried these ways showed on this page: ? please try to connect our help center and the stuff of customer service dpt will help you.

  6. I wear US sizes small or medium. My actually size 6-8. But your sizes are totally different.

    Here are my sizes –all in inches
    Bust 37
    Waist 34
    Hip 38
    Length 53

    What is my size according to your chart. Please help!!!!!


    1. hello, deer customer,
      i am sorry for the inconvenience. because i am not very clear about the size problem,please contact our customer service via email or telephone so that they can give you the professional answer. by the way, you can also use the live chat of you can find the help center and live chart button at the top of the home page of thank you.

  7. Hi it’s already been a month since I ordered times. It says estimated time is march 23rd. Still it says its preparing shipment?!?! And u guys r not getting back to me? I have sent messages multiple times. u guys r missing out good customer who will buy ton of stuff in future. Send me my items as soon as possible with confirmation email please? Other wise I’m talking to my lawyer.

    1. hi dear, sorry for the inconvenience but please connect our CS staff so that you can get professional help. here is the site that maybe helpful to you, .thank you for your attention.

  8. Hello. My name is Lefteris and I have made an order from your website. My order number is en-uk_130326014649_514 and is containing 3 products. The order arrived to me just today and I have a problem with the products. All three of them are very tight for me and I definitely need one size larger (from Large to XL). I would like to ask what exactely I could do in order to return the products and after that get new ones. Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. hi ,dear you can visit our help center from the access on the home page of the customer service staff can give you professional help.

  9. Hi I bought a costume from here and I got a voicemail on my phone saying that it didn’t fully go in or something I keep calling up there but only get the voicemail

    1. Dear Valued Customer,

      Thanks a lot for contacting us and sorry for the late response. I have forwarded your message to the Customer Service Team. They will contact you shortly to solve your problem.

      Have a nice day.


      1. I would like your customer service number

        1. Dear customer, you can call us from Mon-Sat:EST 21:00 PM – 11:30 AM PHONE:+0086-28-655-541-91. Thanks.

  10. I placed an order, but now I am being told that the funds have not been received.
    Order Number: en_mi_140819135145_001

    1. Dear Valued Customer,

      Thanks a lot for contacting us. We have reported your problem to the Customer Service Department. They will contact you shortly to solve the problem.

      Best regards,

  11. You are copying my product and using my images. I have filled in the copyright form and it keeps telling me that it ‘could not be submitted’.
    You are clearly a bad website where you steal other businesses product and their photographs and do not allow complaints.
    My product

    1. Hi, we have removed the links from our website. We didn’t mean to steal your images. Our supplier gave us these pictures. Thank you for reminding us of checking the pictures from our suppliers. We are sorry for this mistake.


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