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This is the 8th yr that Milanoo is in Ecommerce business and with our business develops, we own our own hotography studio, contract models and professional photographers. When mentioning Milanoo, most people will think of 3 main parts fashion: Wedding & Occasion, Causal Fashion as well as Costumes & Lolita. Yes, that’s 3 main types of fashion in Milanoo.

We do respect our copyrights of photography and don’t allow others to steal our photos for some commercial purpose. Because, Milanoo staff have been devoting as much as effort and energy and time to our business, either for the marketing team, customer service team or the photographers… All the photos taken by our staff are not only something static but important sources with our love and efforts. That’s why we need to protect our copyrights as well as our Brand’s authority.

However, it is a common case that we always find some online sellers/stores who stole our photos and used them for commercial purpose, this really pissed us off.  Cases are like this:

Stole our photos for commercial purpose
Stole our photos for commercial purpose

And what make me sneer at this is that Milanoo Logo is still there and they just add their own logo. Oh my, what a joke it is… Those tricky merchants, if you select to steal photos, could you please photoshop on them first, before uploading?

While for cases like this:

Copyright Protection
Copyright Protection

Merchant are “clever”, to remove the logo first, then upload it. But the reality is they still stole the photos from  and you’ll see “Juliana R” is one of our contact model

Juliana R
Milanoo Contact Model-Juliana R

For more of Milanoo’s contact model info, feel free to check here:  .

For those, who stole photos from our site, this really make us angry. So we have tried our best to protect our photos copyright and that is definitely our rights to ask those merchants, who take advantage of our autonomous-shooting  photos for commercial purpose, without getting our permission, to remove them. No pain, No gains, i believe business needs to be sincere to customers, trying their best, to show more authentic to their customers, rather than easily “borrow” the photos which were taken by other companies or even by individual, then take them for commercial purpose. I got to know that some dishonest merchants even take advantage of buyer show photos for their commercial purpose, just like what i saw in this video, that’s really disappointed and too bad.

Milanoo has been in Ecommerce business for more than 8 yrs and with all kinds of experience accumulating, we are more aware of the our mission “To be the most authentic Milanoo”. So, in fashion styles aspect, more and more Milanoo Exclusive styles are coming out, with our own designer ideas, we are making our styles special and unique. While in shipping part, in order to resolve the logistic time efficiency, we have Launched our sub-site “Milanoo Boutique” which is with an oversea warehouse in Paris, France. And all the items purchased on this site, could be shipped within 24hrs (very fast delivery), what’s important is that all the items shopped on this site are Free Shipping, Free Tax and high quality. So, if you are interested in styles on , feel free to have a view there and you’ll be surprised with all the services offered.

Back to the Copyright Protection task, we believe this will be a lasting task. But we will insist this and do what we need to do about such kind of infringement issue, to protect our copyrights and display a more authentic Milanoo to Customers.









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