Costumes Make You To Be Anyone You Want!

Under heavy pressure of work and life, sometimes we adults have almost forgotten the real meaning of life, for me, that is freedom and happiness. Most of us are just normal people, but we dream to be someone special, never the one who always feels tired and boring. I used to be a princess after watching Cinderella. Then I found vampires were so sexy and charming, and to be a vampire was also a good choice when the The Vampire Diaries swept the world.

It is funny that more people would like to be a mean hero like Deadpool rather than Superman, because we know there is not 100% good guy in the world. And we also fall in love with a bad character who gradually became a good man. Here I must mention Jaime Lannister and the Hound- Sandor Clegane in Game of Thrones. In the newest episode of it, when seeing the Hound buried the poor dead father and his daughter, I believe there must be something touching you. That’s the moment you feel the humanity.

Thinking about our daily life, we wear a formal suit and even a pair of high heels for women, sit in office and deal with our work seriously. We are not like real blood and flesh people who have our own mind and dream, but like rigid robots.

When I first knew about costume, not the Halloween ones, I suddenly find we can be anyone we want. We can play ourselves with specific costumes and properties to be the hero of our own world. Then we have the strong power and mind of hero and it will be passed in our daily life and give us more courage and confidence to face up to the dark of the world.

Some people say it is not real. But what is real? Almost all of us have many different sides, and for us, costume can build up a new world, which can provide us with a peace and hopeful inner world.

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