Costumeslive Website Officially Launched

After much preparation, Costumeslive, Cosplayshow and Lolitashow were launched on July 8th. Part of the Milanoo Group, a global B2C themed clothing e-commerce company, the websites offer a wide variety of fantastic products. Amongst them, Costumeslive is dedicated to the role-playing and family-themed markets. Through its special, custom-made and vertical products, it aims to convey vitality, personality and fun to its customers.

Costumeslive — Create a colorful and fun time for you and your friends

Costumeslive focuses on its theme and compatibility with other items. The wide range of available varieties for role-playing and our custom-made service are our most persuasive strengths. The combination of comfortable material and a meticulous custom-made service is to be found in all the products we provide for the purpose of role-play. Customers can easily find the items that they want: different kinds of corsets, special holiday costumes or gorgeous-looking dance costumes and much more. Costumeslive can make your life fun and colorful.

Costumeslive – Here is to you

In addition to its inheritance of aspiration and use of exquisite techniques from Milanoo, Costumeslive has added more original design features to inject more vitality into the brand. The web design is impressive and the products are full of fun which coupled with the friendly service delivers a fantastic customer experience allowing everyone to enter a brand new, custom-made role-playing world. Boasting the slogan “Here is to you”, Costumeslive concentrates on offering custom-made clothing to make you special. Whether you are going to a party or a festival event, you will surely get people’s attention.

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