“DEAL or NO DEAL” Game at Milanoo Facebook Page

Woo! For fashion pursuers, every other Thursday at Milanoo Facebook Page, is really the big opportunity to win coupon codes for unbelievable fashion deals, get big discount for your fashion items shopping at milanoo.com, and experience exciting competitive games. Here, we’d like to introduce you more details about How to take part in this “DEAL &NO DEAL”.


Coupon codes for 40%—70% OFF on popular Fashion items & Cosplay costumes &Lolita clothing


Every other Thursday At 9am. GMT. Each round lasts 24 hours.


Milanoo Facebook Page “ DEAL OR NO DEAL


-All games have three preset rounds.

-Players will be presented with a product and a deal. You can choose to accept the deal by commenting “DEAL”, or choose to see the next round’s deal by commenting “NO DEAL”.

-A magic number of players is set in three rounds. This will determine who gets their ways and coupon codes for different discounts. You will get your price within 24 hours.

Round 1: The magic number is 30, and in this round the discount you can win is 40% off for that special fashion items.

Round 2: The first 60 people can join this game, and you can get 60% off coupon codes.

Round 3: 120, the magic number will allow you take part in, and also the price for you is the coupon codes for 70% off when doing Milanoo shopping.


1. Players may comment “DEAL” or “NO DEAL” only once per round, but are free to add additional comments regarding game strategy.

2. Only players who comment “DEAL” up until the Magic Number is reached are Winners and eligible to receive the prize. If the Magic Number is 5, the 6th player to comment “DEAL” will not be awarded.

What are waiting? Ready GO! Don’t forget to tell your friends! Everyone can Win!

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