Decode Diversity Wedding: Classic Match Strongly Recommended by Milanoo Designer

Wedding is one of the most important moments in women’s life. We all want it to be different, fancy and memorable. Various personalities of women can all be shown with suitable wedding dresses and accessories. Let’s take a look at six wedding clothing matches carefully selected by Milanoo fashion designer. It is easy to make your wedding extraordinary splendor.


Romantic & Sweet style

Romantic and sweet wedding is longed for by every woman. Flowing hemline and novel pattern must be elements of romantic and sweet wedding dresses.

The unique wedding dress in the above picture is embellished with black freehand roses. Elaborate embroidery technique and gradient composition layout show strong aesthetic and sweet sense.

Black & White wedding dress will never lower one’s taste. And low cut design generously present women’s graceful and intellectual characteristics.

Matching with chic diamond flower necklace, the neck line of bridals will be more full and charming. While, matching with irregular pearl bracelet will complement the romantic and sweet wedding.


Royal & Exquisite style

The original European imperial costume has become simple and fashionable today which only keeps the exquisite feature and gets rid of complicated decorations. This kind of wedding dress is appropriate and noble. It isn’t too sexy and exposed, but it does show different feminine charm.

High neck design gives the wearer noble temperament. Fitting cut of shoulders and waist make women’s body looks delicate and round. Fluffy empire waist hemline makes women look taller visually. The technique of matching fine and close lace with shadow embroidery of the top and special design of two circles of pearls at the waist show the good texture of the dress obviously.

An exquisite dress like this needs simple accessories. Simple pearl necklace, pearl earrings and bracelet will reveal the low-key luxury. Satin face high heels are designed with pearl strap which shows simple, elegant and noble sense.


Rural & Fresh style

More and more young people want to decorate their weddings to be casual, youthful and friendly. Then, rural and fresh clothing must be the good choice. Fresh and vigour wedding doesn’t need stiff wedding dress and old-fashioned color. Clothing and colors which are full of warm sense are the favorite of everyone.

With a layer of transparent tulle and soft oversized flowers hanging at its end, the short simple white wedding dress skirt is flowing and dynamic which shows the cute and romantic sense. The simple diamond accessory of the neckline shows its exquisite detail although it is casual. In order to make the wedding more wonderful, a set of pink diamond flower accessory and a pair of pink stain face shoes are necessary. Cute and lovely pink will make your wedding dress looks even more beautiful.

Punk & Individual style

Ticky-tacky weddings cannot meet young people’s longing for be different.  Wedding is not the synonym for white and pure. What we want is different! The punk wedding will be the special choice.

Recent popular punk wedding dresses not only combine the elegant and gentle styles of regular wedding dress, but also add sexy and individual punk accessories. Like the wedding dress in the picture, the hemline is generous and fluffy with enough drape effect. The dress highlights women’s gentleness as regular wedding dresses but the black ultralow design follows punk’s exaggerated and sexy elements. The fur black gloves perfectly present a cool style. Match with a pair of metal earrings and a pair of black peep-toe ultra-high shoes, you will definitely be the Queen with a strong mental aura.


Greece elegant style

Greek style is loved by women all the time. May be simplicity and elegance is the highest goal of beauty pursued by women. Greek wedding accessories are a little retro. The dress design strives for slim, drape effect, simple and elegant style.

This empire waist simple dress will highlight the slender figure of the wearer. Relying on the drape, the simple dress can build the feminine charm of a queen. Low cut design make the wearer looks sexy too. And the simple decoration of the shoulders makes the dress looks more full and dimensional.

It is suitable to match the dress with some simple pearl accessories. Moreover, with a pair of exquisite pointed pearl high heels, the bridal must be the Greek Goddess in his man’s eyes.


Retro & Luxurious style

Of course, a lot of bridals are deeply in love with retro wedding. Multi-layer hemline and lotus leaf sleeve is both full of medieval charm. A large number of bowknots and lace elements of the dress make you seemingly back to Victorian age. Also, exquisite and exaggerated head flower is one accessory which cannot be missed. Lying on the side of the fluffy up do, the flower can perfectly decorate your hair and face. Luxurious and exquisite diamond necklace and earrings will be the optimum match for retro wedding dress.

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