The Development History of Swimsuit


There are quantities of different clothes styles because of thousands of nations in whole world. But swimsuit is an exception, which has international common quality. It is commonly believed that real swimsuit came out after 1862 in fashion area.


The earliest swimsuit is called “bathing dresses”, which was used for noble female when bathing. These bathing dresses were long and thick to cover whole body. What’s more, they had to put on a hat.

At that time, men were allowed to be naked in water but worn clothes on land. Then men were forced to wear something even in water in the 1850s. The old man swimsuit must cover their arms and legs.


From the end of 19 century to the beginning of 20 century, people’s mind began to set free from prohibition. The sense of shame had less influence of clothes. Men’s swimsuits were simplified to short pants, while swimming dresses of women also changed slowly. They abandoned high-neck and long-sleeve style and cut down the length to knees.


Until 1910s, short one-piece swimsuit marked the emergence of real modern swimsuits.


The first bikinis appeared just after World War II. The name for the bikini design was coined in 1946 by Parisian engineer Louis Réard, the designer of the bikini. He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll, where testing on the nuclear bomb was taking place. Due to its controversial and revealing design, the bikini was slow to be adopted. In many countries it was banned from beaches and public places.[3] While still considered risqué, the bikini gradually became a part of popular culture when film stars—Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress and others—began wearing them on public beaches and in film.


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