What Faux Fur Item You Must Have?

In last blog, I have introduced you about faux fur and four reasons why you should have at least one faux fur item. When referring to fake fur, what comes to most people’s mind is faux fur coat. But in fact, there are more fashionable articles made of fun fur. Today, we will show you.

#1 Fun Fur Coat

It is the most common item made of fun fur. Whereas, it still has quantity of magic to attract people. It is very changeable and can be designed in many unique styles by deciding its length, thickness, color and whether fur shows outside or inside.

#2 Fun Fur Poncho

A poncho is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. As the most cold-proof material, faux fur is the best material to make a poncho. It is soft, comfortable and various.

#3 Gilet & Vest

If you feel a little bit cold when wearing a T-shirt but hot when putting on a coat, then wearing a gilet may be your best choice. It is easy to master the fashion of faux fur gilet, because it is a mutil-matcher.

#4 Hat

There is no clothing you can imagine that cannot be made by fun fur. As a fashion icon, faux fur hats are very popular among celerity. For it not only keeps warm, but also can be easily matched with other fashionable items.

#5 Shoes & Boots

Faux fur is usually applied on boots, which is mainly used inside. If the whole shoes are covered faux fur, they are not warm. What’s worse, they will look very big and heavy. But faux fur can be decorated on shoes to make them more special.

Except these fashion items mentioned above, there are more products made of fun fur. If you want to keep up to fashion, you really need one faux fur item.

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