Find A Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Before committing a wedding dress, there are many things we can do. Except considering where your wedding party is going to hold, you should also choose a suitable wedding dress according to your body type. However, it is not easy to find a perfect wedding gown for your body type. To avoid you being bothered by various options, Milanoo will give you some advice on how to choose wedding dresses by your body shape.

At first, you should know which type your body is and what the disadvantages of it are.

find a perfect wedding gown for your body type

Body Type: Apple

You know you have an apple body shape if you have a larger bust than the hip section, undefined waist, round shoulders, smaller hip, and slimmer legs and arms.

Recommended Type: A-Line Wedding Dress

The key point to be attractive in apple body shape is to cover it or change it through visual effects. So you can find an A-line dress, which is tight on top and flares out at the waist. An A-line wedding dress will mark your waist part and attract people’s attention to it. And the big skirt will hide small hip and make a contract with waist to make it slim.

wedding dresses for pear body type

Body Type: Pear

Having a tiny bust, slim waist and big hip, you can be called pear body shape.

Recommended Type: Ball Gown Wedding Dress

To be honest, pear shape is really attractive in most time, because it is curvy and sexy. But if the different portions are far away of balance, the whole body would be strange. Thus, what you should do is to move people’s eyes from your hip to your top. Then ball gown’s silhouette will make your weakness to strength and its bodice will show off your alluring top.

wedding dresses for apple body type

Body Type: Hourglass

Hourglass shape is defined as perfect body, for people who are hourglass shape have broad shoulder, slim waist and well-rounded buttock. Though your figure is the most attractive one, you will not represent your beauty if you don’t choose the right wedding dress.

Recommended Type: Mermaid

Take advantage of your perfect body and show it off. Searching for a sexy and unique wedding dress style will catch all people’s attention in your unforgettable party. Mermaid wedding gowns have a fitted bodice and the flare out from your knees. It will emphasize the curve and maintain the balanced look of your figure in a flattering way.

wedding dresses for hourglass body type

Body Type: Straight

Straight body is also been called rectangular or ruler body because it looks straight without well-defined waistline.

Recommended Type: Sheath

A sheath dress is a fitted, straight cut dress, often nipped at the waistline with no waist seam. As mentioned, straight body has no obvious waistline, so sheath wedding dresses will emphasize the waist as its skirt portion is fitted.

wedding dresses for straight body type

Body Type: Inverted Triangle

It is the opposite of pear shape, which has a broad shoulder, round bosoms, slim waist and hip.

Recommended Type: Trumpet

If you want to broaden your hip and parts below, trumpet wedding dress will be the best choice. Its special design of skirt is like a trumpet and will cover your slim hip. And the strap top with V-neck will cut down the vision of wide shoulder.

wedding dresses for inverted triangle body type

Milanoo has introduced you the main shape types with right wedding gowns. Hope you can find your perfect wedding gowns.

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