These Five Bodycon Dresses Are Your Best Choices

When mentioning bodycon dresses, the first word comes into mind is sexy. As a tight form-fitting dress, bodycon dress can show every curve and bump of the body. Normally, women who like wearing a bodycon dress are confident with their bodies, for the forming-fitting feature cannot cover any defects of one’s body. Once these tight form-fitting dresses were mainly popular as evening dresses, but now they have become as daily wear when they can easily match with other fashionable clothes and accessories. Today, we are going to recommend you eight different bodycon dresses which can help you hold all situations.


Top 1. Black Velvet Strappy Floral Embroidered Dress

Different from traditional bodycon dresses which are made of a lycra and polyester blend, the material of this dress is velvet, which has often been associated with nobility. Red roses are embroidered on it making it unique and beautiful. You can wear it in any formal occasions with a pair of sexy high heels and a high-qualified coat. Besides, it can also be cool with feather moto coat and boots.

Top 2. Long Sleeves Deep V Neck Short Dress with Contrast Pockets

This dress looks very simple, which almost has no decoration, but the deep V neck design makes it sexy. The cut of it is simple, which makes it not to be very picky to figure.

Top 3. Semi-Sheer Lace Bodycon Dress

Lace is always one of the necessary fashionable factors. When it combines with forming-fitting dress, it adds more meanings to the dress, like sexy or elegant sense. The waist and back are covered by delicate and semi-sheer lace, which makes this dress sexier.

Top 4. Pink Lace Backless V Dress

Pink things will make people think about something girly and cute. The key-hole backless design with a bow tied by sink makes this dress outstanding and unique.

Top 5. Yellow Ruffles Sleeveless Mermaid Bodycon Dress

Color yellow gives people a sense of vitality. The style of the dress is simple, but the ruffles on the shoulder can be used as straps or change into off-the-shoulder style, while the mermaid skirt adds elegance to the dress.

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