Five Most Easy Halloween Make-up for Men


When you search Halloween make-up ideas for men on Google, there are so many fantastic and amazing pictures, cool skeleton, creepy joker, fluffy werewolf and scary clown, which may really inspire you. However, if you are not good at making up or drawing, it will be very difficult for you to imitate their make-up, no matter how easy they said it is. Moreover, as a man never making up before, you can’t finish such a perfect makeup, even though there are so many videos to teach you.

So today, we will introduce you 5 really easy Halloween looks that you can really handle it. Because the key point of these five looks is not exquisite make-up but costume and accessories.

#1 Pale Melancholy Vampire

Why vampire is always the first choice for Halloween all the years? Because people can dress and make up like it easily. It is also a very charming character. Don’t forget how attractive and handsome the vampires played by Cruise and Pitt are in the movie Interview with the Vampire. All you need is powdering your face white and ask your wife or girlfriend to draw smoky eyes for you. Then, make some Halloween blood on the side of your mouth. Finally, dress up a vintage suit.

#2 Ladybeard

Ladybeard is a really funny role and definitely a new look appearing on Halloween night. So you can catch all people’s eyes on you. It is easy to costume by wearing a long gold wig in unbraided bunches and a sexy Sailor Moon costume. If you want to be more outstanding in the crowd, you can make up by drawing lipstick and sticking fake eyelashes.

#3 Scary Doctor

Scratching your hair in a mess, wear a white long doctor coat covered with Halloween blood and make up some scars on your face. Then your Halloween look is done.

#4 Spiderman

Have you watched the movie Spiderman: Homecoming yet? Just wear a spider-man zentai suit which covers you from head to foot. You don’t have to make up on your face. You will gain lots of interest from women who are fans of Spiderman.

#5 Tuxedo Mask

Another way to avoid make up is to wear a mask on your face. So Tuxedo Mask is definitely a perfect choice. You can follow him by wearing a white vintage shirt and a black tuxedo with a black cape, which is red inside. The last step is to put a white mask on your face and a black top hat on your head.



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