Five Fashion Items You Want to Spend Money on

If you’re like most of us, you love a good deal. Bargain hunting can be fun and addicting – especially when it comes to fashion. Shopping sales, clearance racks and end of season promotions is what the most seasoned fashionistas do to land the very best deals on the very best products. Some more serious shoppers have vowed never to pay retail price for anything again. In reality, you don’t have to, given the number of sales and promotions that are always going on at various merchants, like here at However, there are a few must-have wardrobe pieces that you actually don’t want to scrimp on. Paying full price for them is not only a good investment, you’ll find it’s well worth it in the long run.

Eyeglass and Sunglass Frames
You want a pair of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses that are not only going to look good, but that are going to last. This is especially important if you wear prescription glasses and need them in order to see. You could probably get by for a while with cheaper frames, yes, but the money you’re going to spend to replace them each time something goes wrong with them would be better spent on buying a higher end pair from the beginning.
Fashion Sunglasses
A Classic Pair of Heels
Heels come in all varieties, shapes and styles now, but you can never, ever go wrong with a classic pair of leather heels. They shouldn’t be more than two inches high. Invest in a timeless, neutral color like black, navy or brown.


A Durable Bag or Purse
Again, leather in a neutral color would be the best choice here, as with the pumps. You want to choose a style that’s not huge, but also that’s not too small to carry everything you need. A simple, yet elegant style that’s going to last through trends that come and go is your best bet.

clutch bags
Clutch Bags

A Versatile 3-Season Jacket
It sounds more complicated (and hard to find) than it is. What you’re looking for here is a jacket that’s crafted from a fabric that works well for three out of four seasons. Two examples are gabardine and light-weight wool. The tell tale signs of a well made jacket are a good lining and sturdily sewn seams. Again, you want to choose a neutral color so that the jacket coordinates well with whatever you may be wearing.
womens jacket
A Pair of 3-Season Pants
Yes, we said three seasons again. It means the same thing as with the jacket – a pair of pants made from a fabric that works for three seasons. Gabardine is a good choice. You could choose a skirt instead or opt to have pants and a skirt. Keep with the neutral color scheme here as well.
womens pants

There you have them! Five wardrobe essentials that it’s actually okay to spend money on. Mix and match patterns, prints and fabrics to create your own look that transcends the seasons.

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