Get crazy, dress up, drink beer and dance at Cologne Carnival Festival

Carnival festival is around the corner, do you want to join the celebration and have fun?

First, you should pick up a costume!

Join the high spirited Germans as they celebrate their cultural street carnival as they parade, march, dance their way around Cologne. The pinnacle of Carnival celebrations in Cologne is the six-day street carnival known as the “Crazy Days”, where there is no end of traditional sessions, balls and parades throughout the city. People celebrate, sing and dance in the halls, pubs and restaurants. On Weiberfastnacht Thursday the streets fill up with people in costumes. At exactly 11:11 a.m., the street Carnival is officially opened by the mayor of Cologne. Carnival Friday sees numerous sessions and balls take place in the evening time.After a Carnival brunch on Saturday with Kölsch beer, there is a performance at the bivouac of the Carnival societies with a military tradition at the Neumarkt. There is a Ghost parade in the evening. Street food is plentiful throughout the nights at the local markets and cafes.On Carnival Sunday the school and neighbourhood parades march through the city centre, featuring costumed school groups and original masquerades. People bring small presents to hand to the local children in a gesture of goodwill.The high point of the carnival is the big parade on Rose Monday. The floats begin to parade through the city and participants blow kisses to the costumed crowds.‘Explore Cologne during it’s six day Carnival extravaganza of parades, dances, balls, music sessions and cultural gatherings.’Carnival Tuesday sees more parades with groups of costumed revellers in the suburbs. The celebrations go on until midnight, when the straw figure called the “Nubbel” is buried or burned. The festival concludes on Ash Wednesday with more celebrations and large dinner celebrations all over the city.

Where does the Cologne Carnival take place?

Cologne is a city located on both sides of the Rhine, near Germany’s borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. Cologne is a major cultural centre for the Rhineland; it has more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. How to get around CologneIt is relatively easy to get around Cologne by use of it’s effective public transport system. Cologne has a well connected bus and tram network that visitors can hop on and off of with ease.The airport of Cologne lies between Cologne and Bonn. The airport is well connected to the road network although to the bus and railway network.The new Intercity-Express (ICE) railway station is right in the centre of the Airport. From there simply travel directly into the city of Cologne.Where to stay for Cologne Carnival

Cologne has many hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s and hostels to cater for its Carnival visitors.Hostel Koln is right next to Neumarkt, right in the centre of the celebrations but also in a quiet street. The rooms have a comfy beds with a duvet, an ensuite bathroom, plenty of plugs and good wi-fi connection. The hostel is quite big,  and offers a huge buffet, full of healthy food like bircher muesli, salads and juice, as well as eggs, bacon, sausages, all served until 12pm.The Lindner Hotel City Plaza is located in Cologne’s trendy Friesenplatz district, and offers a sauna and a modern fitness studio with cardio and exercise equipment.The elegant rooms each have a satellite TV, a seating area, and an en-suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries. WiFi is free, and there is a restaurant, lively bar and terrace.Things to do in Cologne

In the north of the city, next to the zoo is Cologne’s loveliest park, the Botanical Gardens,containing 11.5 hectares of sprawling lawns, individual gardens and greenhouses around an exquisite glass palace. There’s the Main Greenhouse for tropical rainforest, the Small Tropical House supporting tropical crops like sugar cane, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon, as well as a Subtropical House and a Cactus House.Eau de Cologne was invented in the 18th century in Cologne and tours of the Fragrance Museum are available daily. Step inside the oldest intact perfume factory in the world, which gave the city its reputation perfumery. Enjoy a 45 minute guided tour including a still and laboratory equipment that are faithful replicas of what was used.Cologne Carnival 2019 DatesThe dates for the Cologne Carnival is 28 February to 6 March 2019.

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