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As most of you know Milanoo launched its “Fashion Blogger” program since 2014 and lots of bloggers joined and had a nice experience during this cooperation. They shared their ideas about the company, the product as well as the service with the world, which helps other visitors know more about Milanoo. This is an interesting thing.

Milanoo Fashion Blogger Program
Milanoo Fashion Blogger Program

This year, we are going to recruit another group of content writers, who can write super nice articles about fashion ideas and share it with their friends. We prefer the articles are originally created, with rich and useful information, so readers would love to read and they got some guides.

Here are details for people who are interested:

What you need to have:

  • You are a sophisticated writer who can write original articles for us
  • You have a private blog which is with more than 500 followers
  • Or you have multiple social sources, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest (with rich followers)

What you will get form Milanoo:

  • If you are fashion bloggers, who are with nice social sources, please apply to be our Fashion Bloggers. We will provide freebies within $50 in the first time, and according to the real effect from the 1st time’s cooperation, we will Provide more Freebies.
  • If you are not a fashion blogger, but with a nice Private Blog (with big traffic), just apply to be our Reviewers. Help us to write monthly articles in your blog (with some long tail keywords as the anchor text). We will PAY you as a return.

To cooperate with us, please leave your comment or just drop an email to for more details.

Good Luck and Thanks~  We are looking forward to hearing from you~


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