Halloween Costumes For Couples

If you’re planning to attend some Halloween parties this year with your significant other, wearing themed matching costumes is a great idea. Besides from being fun and totally original, you stand a good chance of winning those coveted costume contests! Here are a few of our top picks for great costumes for couples.

Shrek & Fiona

Who said you have to be a kid to enjoy Shrek? It’s an endearing story that transcends generations. Plus, the soundtracks to the movies are some of our favorite songs as parents! We think this Fiona & Shrek ensemble is a fun choice, no matter if you’re attending a party at work or at a friend’s home.

Star Trek

Are there any Trekkies out there? Sure, there are! Millions of them in fact. That’s why Star Trek costumes are always a big hit. For a great Trekkie couple option, we suggest these male and female Star Trek: The Next Generations costumes.

Cosplay Costumes

For Cosplay and other anime fans, Milanoo.com is your headquarters for suitable costumes for Halloween, parties or just casual play. For couples Cosplay/Anime themed Halloween costumes, we have a few suggestions. For Final Fantasy VII fans, this Tifa Lockhart costume and this Vincent Valentine costume would look great together. For Black Butler fans, we suggest this Angelina Dalles costume and this Kuro Shitsuji costumes.

His & Hers Pirates

Pirates are always a popular theme for Halloween costumes. We suggest this men’s pirate costume and women’s pirate costume for any couple who is wanting to celebrate the day the pirate way.

The great thing about wearing full body costumes is that nobody has to know who you are, unless you want them to! You can keep your identity a secret the whole evening because every part of your body is concealed in these head to toe outfits. Here at Milanoo.com, we have a large selection of full body mascot costumes, but we picked a few favorites that we think look awesome as a duo.

Super Mario Brothers

Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi? We do! And now you can show your love for them, too, by wearing this realistic mascot costumes!

Diego and Dora

These two are a big hit with the preschool crowd! So if you’re Trick Or Treating with kids or attending a kid-friendly party, be prepared to make LOTS of friends when you show up dressed as Dora and her cousin Diego.

For more great costumes and ideas, visit the costume section of our website. We have something for the whole family!


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