Halloween Shapeshifting, Fun with Surprise

Halloween shape shifting party is not a party to be someone else but the real one of yourself! You can not only found much fun but also plenty of surprise.

As an ordinary, I don’t have a very pretty face, hot body and wise mind. Besides, I am a little bit shy and not very confident all the time.

In middle and high school, I tried to be a good girl by being nice to everyone and never being outstanding in any situation. There was always a handsome boy who attracted all the girls, including us. However, I could only see him far way and being around with many pretty girls. I wa not so brave to stand in front of him and let him know. On prom or homecoming party, I dressed up and waiting for our princes asking us for a dance but sitting on sofa all the night.

Then, I went to university. I joined in many interesting communities and met many funny guys. I was still good to anyone that almost everyone believed the good nice girl was my nature. I thought things began to be good and I could live in a way we wanted. But why I was still not so happy.

Finally, I graduated from university and found a job. I have gotten used to pretending to be a nice girl all the time even under heavy pressure and knew how to cater to other people. I watched all the movies and series about heroines or bad girls and imagined I was one of them.

One day, my friend asked me to join a Halloween shape shifting party and told I could dress up like anyone I wanted. I never went to such a party before because I couldn’t forget the hard time sitting alone watching others dancing happily on the prom evening. But I decided to have a try.

I eventually dressed up like a sexy and hot vampire. When I put on the mask, which meant I tore off the mask I daily wore, I knew there was something arose in my body. I didn’t have to behave well but dance boldly and wildly. I knew people were watching me and I liked that feel by catching all people’s eyes on me. I found the confidence to be myself and don’t want to cater to others.

You never know what will happen on Halloween. Enjoy yourself and let’s shape shifting.


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