Happy Children’s Day-The Most Classic Toys in 80s & 90s

Tomorrow is the International Children’s Day! When I was a child, it was the day I really expected. I could receive some new toys or my parents would send me new pretty dresses. Today Milanoo is going to recall the most representative toys when we were young. Maybe we can get some inspirations when we pick up gifts for our children.

happy children's day

#1 Super Soaker

How can we forget the funny water gun? It is the best toy for children especially in hot summer days. Boys held the pressured toy water pistol running around and shooting everywhere.

Super Soaker
Super Soaker

#2 Rubik’s Cube

Did you ever have a Magic Cube? Have you ever tried to solve one? How fast can you solve one? We used to be confident for being able to solve a Magic Cube. We really admire people who can solve it fast. I always believe these people are very smart and clever.

magic cube

#3 Barbie

How can we miss out the most popular toy among girls? As a fashion doll, Barbie has been on the vogue for almost 60 years. Why it is so favored by people? Maybe it lets young girls direct a story that they are longing for. Barbie has been a princess, a bride, a movie star and more, which are all the characters most girls what to be.


#4 Game Boy

Every child in 80s and 90s may have a Game Boy. It was the start of technological revolution within toy gadgets. Children could play anywhere once putting his/her Game Boy in pocket.

Game Boy

#5 The Transformers Robot

It is one of the most classic toys ever in 20th century. It inspired children’s information about creatures in other planet and robots. Before the birth of Transformers, the image of alien was usually something like E.T. However, the Transformers opened our mind and set our imagination free.

the transformers robot

There are more classic toys which this blog hasn’t referred. You can share your favorite toys with Milanoo by commenting below.

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