Hilarious Milanoo Cosplay Day

We have to say one of the most important events to the cosplay fans all over China in this summer is the China Joy Cosplay Anniversary. Anyhow, the even more exciting event to me and all the other Milanooers is Milanoo’s Cosplay day which kindled the passion of the whole company.

After a long time of preparation, our company, Milanoo, finally hosted this event on August 30. Many of the staff including the COO took an active part in this event. They took on various costumes of our own company to show up our comprehension and love to Cosplay.

The milanoo cosplay day started from the early morning. Once the stuff arrived at the office, they began to be busy with preparing for this exciting visual feast. Everyone was excited and passionate. Dressers were ready to dress up everyone; the upbeat music has been turned on. What waited for us was a perfect day.

None of us can imagine how fantastic it was to see so many people dressed with different kinds of costumes in the office. Eyes were seized by the different types of costumes. It just looked like a wild dream filled with different popular characters came from different beloved games and animations. From the cute Pikachus and Mario to sweet school girls, brave Link to mysterious Assassin’s Creed and sexy Boa Hancock to handsome Ace, they were all stunning.

Flashlights sparked here and there, numerous photos were taken and videos were recorded on this day. It’s such a pity that we cannot share the burning atmosphere through the pictures. On this Cosplay day, Milanooers enjoyed the amazing costumes of Milanoo as well as the happiness of being Cosers. With this Cosplay day, we want to show Milanoo’s inner culture of Cosplay and our determination of making more and better costumes for our friends and costumers, in the future.

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