Homecoming Outfit Ideas for Girls

Homecoming is a chance to look great and have fun with your friends. Keep fit in mind when choosing an outfit because you’ll want to be able to move around comfortably. A great look will get you immediate positive reactions, but a great fit ensures you can move around and have a great time all night long.

Cocktail Dress

Many girls opt for short dresses for homecoming to distinguish this look from the more formal look they might choose for prom. Cocktail dresses come in all different designs and colors and could be strapless, one-shoulder, or even long-sleeved. Since the dress is short, you can get away with a lot of embellishments on it because the length keeps it semi-formal. Look for laces and silks to make sure the dress feels formal enough and accessorize with cute heels and blingy accessories.

Skater Dress

Skater-style dresses look similar to figure skating outfits but have a more formal feel. These dresses are a tad less casual than a cocktail dress, but you can make them look more elegant by choosing jewel tones and elegant fabrics. Since the neckline is high, your main accessories will be your dress shoes and maybe some fun earrings. If you like the look of a cocktail dress, but really value comfort the skater dress is a great compromise.

Semi-Formal Separates

Semi-formal separates for girls are trending. The trick to pulling off this two-piece look for homecoming is choosing luxurious or formal fabrics and accessorizing with expensive-looking items. A mid-length tulle skirt with a fitted lace or satin shirt is one way to get the look. Another trend is long-sleeve satin crop tops paired with formal skirts in medium or full-lengths. A bold pattern on the top or the skirt with a solid color on the opposite piece of clothing gives you the semi-formal feel.

Slim Gown

Gowns work great for homecoming when they have a slimmer fit and don’t include tons of beading and bling. If your homecoming is more formal, look for a dress that has some minor beading around the top or bottom, just not all-over. You can find slim gowns with one sleeve, long sleeves, no sleeves, and strappy sleeves. Choose the style and color that best compliments your skin tone and body type.

Tips on What to Wear to Homecoming for Girls

Homecoming is one of those few chances in high school you get to show off your mature side. Most girls will be wearing super cute outfits, so make your style stand out with a few simple tips.

Find a Dress That Flatters You

Your body type makes you unique and so will finding the outfit that looks best on you. Read about body types and the styles of clothing that fit them best, then try on different style options. Don’t get discouraged when something doesn’t look right, every girl and woman encounters this because clothing comes in standard sizes while people don’t. Instead, use this information to narrow down which styles will make you feel like a bombshell.

Consult Your Date

If you’re hoping the guy you’re going with is left speechless by your outfit, ask for his opinion on your outfit. Keep this info in the back of your mind and see if there’s a way to mesh his ideas with yours. You might also want to coordinate with him, so finding out what style and level of formality he’s comfortable with can narrow your options from the start. If you’re going with a group of friends, try shopping together to make sure you don’t all pick the same outfit.

Focus on Accessories

Your outfit is really just a backdrop for you and your accessories. Getting the hair and homecoming makeup looks you want might even get more notice than your outfit. Choose shoes that match your glamour level, but make sure they’re going to be comfortable for the whole evening. It’s easy to get caught up in body issues when focusing on the dress, so focus on the other aspects of your outfit instead.


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