How to choose a Halloween costume?

As Halloween is under the way, many people are bothered to think about their costumes in 2017. All of us want to be unique and different one, and catch all people’s eyes. But there are so many choices, which is the best one for us?

The first thing we need to know is what kind of style we will are going to wear this year. It will give you some idea about different styles.

To Be Funny

You must remember the short video about a little baby toddling in a Nemo’s costume. It is really cute and funny. So fluffy and cute animal-like costumes are good ideas for your babies.

Or make a huge contrast to your daily normal life. Cross-dressing is definitely special and interesting. Imagine this: you are strong man with thick beard, but you are wearing a cute Chun-Li dress and jumping like her; or your little baby are making up beard and scaring scars on his chubby face and wearing like a gang boss.

To Be Classic

We can also show our deep love and sincere respect to some famous people by dressing up like them in Halloween. Marilyn Monroe is always the most classic character that people would like to style.

To Be Trendy

To be a trendy guy is not someone who pursuit fashion crazily but know what are the most popular factors in this year. You can inspire by many movies and series. For girls, the Wonder Woman must be the hottest choice because of the successful movie. When the Game of Thrones season 7 premiered, there are so many options for you, such as Mother of Dragon, John Snow and even White Walker who is difficult to dress up but is remarkable.

To Be Traditional

As Halloween is a festival to commemorate the death at the beginning of winter. So traditional Halloween costumes are modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches and devils.

To Be Anime

Nowadays, the Halloween costumes have extended their selection into anime, comics and games. There are so many famous and popular comic and anime characters you can choose. The super heroes and heroines from Marvel Comics are very hot in every Halloween. These days many young people are fond of characters like 2B and 9s in game NieR:Automata. If you are addicted into some games or anime, you can choose to dress like your favorite figures.

It is a hope that you will never be bothered when choosing a Halloween costume after seeing this blog. More good blogs about fashion are in Milanoo!

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