How to choose the wedding dress in winter

Cold winter has arrived, the bride that chooses to marry in the winter do not be the “beautiful frozen person” because want beautiful. It is not good for a bride to be ill during her wedding or wedding photo shoot. In fact, there are some skills of buying sexy wedding dress in the cold winter, today let’s talk about how to be beautiful in winter by sexy wedding dress.

Choose a winter wedding dress

Because the winter wedding dress require relatively high in the texture, fabrics, workmanship , if you need to customize this kind of wedding dress, it is best to start half a year in advance to choose, at less more than 4 months, so that time will be more abundant. Because design, make a winter marriage gauze formal attire needs 1 month probably, and had better be able to be in before the wedding 2 months deliver your hand, such facilitate the modification of detail. If you are in a hurry, you can also go to the wedding dress shop directly to choose the right sample. The most important thing is to choose the style that suits you according to your body shape. Need to notice, it is advisable to choose a little bit larger wedding dress in winter, when the winter people tend to get fat;In the winter wedding day, you may wear a warm underwear inside, stick some warm baby; At the same time, if the clothes are too large, it’s easy to make them smaller, but it’s not possible to make them larger.


Winter wedding shawl matching

Winter wedding dress shawl collocation rule 1: cape type wedding dress shawl, cape type wedding dress shawl is mainly used for large cape or semi-circular shawl, this kind of wedding dress shawl wrapped on the body, like the effect of wearing a coat, it is more romantic, with large shawl or long shawl can make this effect. However, when matching wedding dress in this way, you should avoid choosing heavy materials.

Rule 2: wrap type wedding dress shawl large square or wider long shape shawl or slit type shawl suitable for this kind of wear.Wrap the shawl around the shoulders and arms, which can show the bride’s natural, comfortable and tranquil expression.

Rule 3: shawl is the most classic, the most common wedding dress shawl is also the most atmospheric one kind of wearing method, that is, from the ancient follow up to now will shawl both ends of symmetry on the shoulders, natural vertical in front of the wearing method.This kind of dress is elegant and casual.

Rule 4: tie-in type marriage gauze shawl encloses marriage gauze shawl double shoulder, next two ends are folded symmetricly before the bosom, do not go up in fold juncture a delicate brooch.This kind of dress is more formal and solemn.The shawl can also be pulled and slanted over the shoulder or back to make the bride more attractive.


Winter wedding dress shopping tips

Choose wedding dress for winter wedding, besides the design that should notice, still should choose appropriate fabrics. Although many fabrics suit all seasons, but also have a few to need to avoid, such as those can make people think of relaxed and elegant pure silk, gauze, soft satin, gauze of big mesh for instance. Generally speaking, add acrylic cotton satin, velvet, thick satin and fine mesh yarn are the best choice.



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